God and the Devil

And when you ask me, 
What do you believe in? 
I’ll answer, I believe in you. 
Because you are human, 
You have goodness and have hate. 
The human kills and hurts. 
The human cares and nurtures. 
The human can easily betray, 
But the human can be faithful. 
Hungry faces dirty clothes, 
I have seen kids begging for food. 
I have seen strangers help strangers, 
And I have seen family turn away. 
I have seen friends kissing the cheek 
Of the person they secretly hate. 
I have seen people help others 
With pure hearts and no need for recognition. 
I have seen God and the Devil. 
They both live on earth.

B. Meza (C) 8/4/17


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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