The immigrant is not an immigrant by choice.
Before borders, they were simply nomads
Who went from A to Z for survival.
Men has made wars; men has created hunger.
Men is destroying Earth; men has been men.
We created borders, religions, and government
To create illusions and control the masses.
And some countries thrive while others collapse,
And we wander, what do you immigrant want in my land?
Same as the nomad, the immigrant wants to survive.
People don’t choose were they are born.
And a big portion of who we are is based on where we grow up,
but not everything . Only one German was Hitler,
Not all U.S born Americans are shooters who kill kids,
Not all Muslims have a bomb attached to their bodies.
And in the midst of all the wonderful people I’ve met,
I have met two very sweet and warm Russians.
I can assure you, not all Mexicans are drunks and rape,
Because I am a Mexican who adopted this country as my home.
And I must say, nothing compares to the beautiful diversity in this place.
But you may not listen to me, because you are scare,
Because we all, humans, make it hard to trust each other,
Because you are in a good country with a good governmental system,
Because your life is based on what you know and have seen,
Because who knows for what reason, you were born in a good place.
And perhaps like you, I am also scared but not of the immigrants.
I am scared because I come from a place that once was pretty okay,
A place that seemed, perhaps one day would be great.
But in a blink of an eye, the wealth and governmental power fell on greedy hands.
The drug cartels rose , education for the poor disappear, the people lost jobs,
And at night people can no longer walk in the streets.
Religion became the only hope viable to live through another day.
Poverty became a vicious cycle impossible to escape.
And because of that, today I’m scared of losing my adopted home.
Perhaps I’m overreacting, and I hope that is the case…

Beatriz M. (c) 12/08/2017


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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