Naked Body in the Mirror

I see myself naked in the mirror.
I have scars on my knees,
One breast bigger than the other,
A flaccid stomach, and uneven eyes.
I usually think my nose is too big,
And my face is simply not pretty.
And I think, I don’t amount to much.
I look in the mirror, and I can’t see my brain,
But I think how dumb I really am.
Then I realize, how cold is the world.
Two things matter, brains and looks.
And I see how numb I have also become.
Insecurities crept, cuts became too deep,
Pain too much of a burden to bear,
And the years started to build up.
I see myself eye to eye in the mirror,
And I hug my naked body,
As I try to regain my beauty,
That which makes me, me.
And I try to warm my ice-cold soul.
How did I let the world turn me this way?
I look at my hands, embracing my chest,
And start believing slightly in hope,
I think there’s time to again turn on my light,
And maybe, I can start by forgiving myself.
And perhaps then, I’ll see the beauty of my brain
My hands my breasts my hair my eyes my legs…
And I might start to see the good in the world again.

B. Meza (c) 12/21/2016


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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