Silent Battles

I am standing here fighting the monsters.
They circle and beat me with the silent words.
It’s so hard to fight the invisible monsters.
I haven’t found invisible monsters fighting swords

They tell me I can’t; they tell me is too difficult.
They tell me lost battles are useless to fight.
How do you ignore invisible monsters in your head?
No one can kill them for me, it is my sole right.

I march past them and they look at me with fury.
I bring my invisible warriors to fight them back.
For in one brain two enemy worlds can reside.
Monsters and warriors come forward  to attack.

And I always hope that the warriors will win.
But the monsters are incessant in battle.
And I wait as the words collide savagely.
In the silence there’s thunder and rattle.

And as long as there’s a day with sunshine,
I will not succumb to the abundant gray days.
My monsters make my warriors braver,
And I am ready for whatever ahead lays.

Words without sounds, powerful swords,
The world of thoughts…

B Meza  (C) 3/5/2016



About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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One Response to Silent Battles

  1. ricky martin says:

    Try thinking outside the box

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