Love in a Doomed Paradise

Beauty in the horizon that emanates peace,
Even with rage and poverty in the street,
The hearts of the lovers inevitability meet.
Walking hand in hand they go to the sea
To bathe in the beauty that they daily see.

Even without food they’re happy to breathe
There’s nothing more filling than the taste of love,
Even in a land without a white peace dove.
There’s no need to rush for tomorrow
In a land where you’ll only find sorrow.

The lovers know this as they play with the waves,
They’re with certainty living for today.
They don’t let the instant ever turn gray.
They already know that the future is bleak.
But is not the future they currently seek.

Love exists, if even for an instant, in doomed paradises.

B.  Meza  (C) 11/22/2015


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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