The Killing of Innocence

I used to believe that love could be so deep
That all the doubts and all the fears would sleep.
And the illusions came and  then disappeared,
And loneliness became my friend as I feared.

I used to believe in dreams so deep
That I thought I could reach them with a leap.
But time goes by and dreams start to die.
And you realize that life is a stinky lie.

I used to have hope and faith so deep
That I put in my heart an all good God to keep.
Then I saw kids starving with no reason,
And I saw a god that committed treason.

I used to believe that smiles were always good
That they were a portion of one’s soul food.
A wicked smile turn some of my smiles into frowns,
And now I think, we’re nothing but a bunch of clowns.

B. Meza © 01/02/2014


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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