The Duty of Doors

Don’t worry about closing the door behind me,
I’ll close it as I walk out, and I’ll never come back.
I was but a second of your life, and I’m okay with that.
A second has no less importance than a year, it’s still time.

Don’t worry about me after I close the door
Because as I walk out, you will no longer exist.
I have zero expectations, even from my shadow.
And certainly, you are no exception to the rule.

I won’t worry about the door I close behind me.
Doors are meant to be opened and shut.
And if one is afraid of the world, they are locked
To stop outsiders, that’s the duty of doors.

I know your door was locked behind me,
Because it never fully opened as I walked in.
You don’t even believe you have a shadow.
A shadow-less life causes no remorse.

This is the thing about beat up doors,
They become easy to open and close,
With the numbness and indifference
That failed encounters have caused.

B. Meza (c) 12/22/2014


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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