The Darkest Place

A deep hole in which one falls,

And once we hit the floor,

We get hit by rocks.

We succumb to the pain,

And look out into the empty space.

We cry; we scream, and we laugh in despair.

In this place we are alone even if surrounded by people.

Welcome to rock bottom,

An extremely hard place to escape,

Some never do.

It is the place where one is reborn

Or lost forever in the dark.

It is the place where we learn to appreciate life,

Or it becomes a heavy burden we loathe.

Welcome to rock bottom,

I hope you learn to make shields out of rocks.

I hope you are triumphant

And keep going with the bruises and the pain.

I hope rock bottom doesn’t bury you,

But instead you learn to build stairs with stones.

Meza, B (c) 05/2014


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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