Grey Haired Woman

Gray haired woman that sits in the porch,
Your bones are giving up so you search for the sun.
Gray haired woman that likes to give it all,
But you won’t ask for even a thank you in return.
Gray haired woman who always thanks the lord,
And understands God is one even if It is different for all.
Gray haired woman who never gives up hope,
And knows that every life battle will never be lost.
Gray haired woman  to whom I owe it all,
You were my first teacher,  and you started my road.
Gray haired woman, what will I do when you’re gone?
Who will assure me everything is fine, on your sweet tone?
Gray haired woman we both know we will all expire,
And we must continue our existence without the ones we love,
Keeping in our hearts the love that was bestowed.
Gray haired woman we sit in the porch,
We drink coffee together looking at the sun.
I thank you for loving me knowing  all my flaws.

Beatriz (c) 05/2014


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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