The Happy Years that Never Came

The early years of our lives contained the most fully lived years.
But not for all, some never find the peace after the first cry.
Their beginning which should be filled with laughs is filled with tears.
Some say there is always hope but they know that’s a simple lie.

Their bellies are hungry, their parents gone, or a bomb just explode,
These are common examples of what becomes usual to them.
These are the children, to whom misery was randomly bestowed,
As I have yet to find a reason as to why they were condemned.

Who decides where and under what conditions we are born?
Who decides that some children should have a plethora of toys?
And all the others must have nothing but a childhood that is torn?
Oh! How sad it is that some will never experience the purest of joys!

Can you blame them when they become what they were taught?
Can one throw stones to someone who life has already beaten?
Only a few people escape from the misery in which they’re caught,
And most are helped by those whose heart, resentment, hasn’t bitten.

Our childhood should be filled with the best days of our lives,
But not all the children are lucky to have that important chance.
Many will be grown children that in mischief they learn to thrive.
We will judge them for we only see what’s there at first glance

Beatriz (C) 09/2013


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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