Love According to David Tieu

A quick note about love…

How do you know if you found love? That was one of the topics my friends and I discussed while eating at the fast food restaurant we met when we took a break from the books. Love this love that, eh, I don’t really care much for love nowadays, maybe because I’m single, and a bit heartbroken. But I love the feeling of being in love, and deep inside I still believe in love. But, David Tieu believed with certainty that you can be in love forever if that’s what you really want.

He had a girlfriend, and he said most likely he would marry her, Now, I don’t know if he did or not. College graduation was the last time I saw him. How can you be so sure if you are so young? I argued with him. He said, “simple, you just stop looking for something better”. He said that most people simply keep looking to see if they can find someone better than the person they are with, sometimes without realizing so. The fact is, he said, there will always be someone better than the person you are with, but how would you know if the person in front of you is not better than that person you haven’t even met yet? On your pursuit of finding someone better, you will stop paying attention to the person in front of you that perhaps could make you truly happy. Now I’m not talking about cheating, but simply of that thoughts in your head of whether you could find someone better, someone smarter, cuter etc. He decided to love Keiko (I think that was her name, I don’t remember anymore) because she was perfect for him. He decided that she was the most beautiful woman he could ever find, his match. He knew there are plenty of beautiful women out there, but for him Keiko was the most beautiful woman. He made time for her, and in return, she did the same. I saw her a few times; they had a very dynamic relationship. I realized that their relationship would probably last a long time, they were both David Tieus, they both stopped looking when they found each other.

I sit in my couch tonight thinking about Valentine’s Day, love, and David Tieu. And, I wish there were more David Tieus in the world. And, to all the David Tieus in the world, thank you. Because of you, deep inside, I still believe in love that lasts a lifetime. Because you all have shown me that love doesn’t last forever, it simply stays where it is nurtured.


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