The Beat of the Rain

To the beat of the rain
I dance, dance today.
I’m wearing no shoes
Oh! How fun, fun.
I dance in the mud
Twirl around and ‘round
I close my eyes;
I hear the sound;
I extend my arms;
I feel the rain;
I move my feet;
I swing my hips;
I dance, dance.
The rain will stop
My feet will tired.
I’ll open my eyes.
I’ll rest my arms.
I’ll put on my shoes.
I’ll walk inside
But, I have danced, danced.
Melody of the rain,
Steps from the heart,
Perfect floor of mud,
An instant in time,
A feeling, my friend,
That money can’t buy.

©Beatriz X 2011


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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