Lights on Wheels

There are millions of humans on wheels
That look like Christmas lights all year.
The daily grind of making it to a destination
That will perhaps define the rest of their daytime.
There are millions of lights on wheels,
And if you pay attention, through the windows,
You will see the humans that chose those lights.
But I’ve notice that no one really appreciates
The other racing lights around them.
Life is too busy to notice more than wheels.
It is sad to say that many times, I drive
Without noticing the red rows that are like veins
That keep the world functioning and moving.
In my own rush to finish my own journey,
I lack the eyes to admire my surroundings,
And miss to observe the lights on wheels,
That perhaps light up someone else’s world,
And instead, I view them as enemies
Because we, inevitably, share the road.
There are millions of lights on wheels,
But most of us only notice the absurd traffic,
And miss the beauty of other people.
There’s never enough time to contemplate
Others, even if we come to a complete stop,
Even if we are side to side with windows down,
Simply because we have a place to get,
And the other people are on our way.
We rarely stop to think of their journey,
And how essential it might be to our own…

(C) Beatriz X 


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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