I am an alien from this land.
I come from the other side of the line.
As a kid spoke one tongue
As a grown up I speak two.
I am the image of confusion;
I am the hope; I am the illusion.
I wear the colors red, white, and blue,
But I wear the color green too.
On the other side a dreamer
On this side I am the achiever.
I belong on both sides,
Let somebody roll a dice.
At the end, I belong to none.
I am an alien; I am alone.
But just look at me in the eye,
I’m just like you, is not a lie.
I am just me, myself, and I.

©2000, Beatriz X

Note: This is one of my very first poems. I did do some edits, but left the wording as close to what it was originally (only changed some grammar and punctuation). My first thoughts of expressing myself, through writing, came in my second language. Most of my writing is very personal, but this one is one of my favorites. When I read it I can still see myself as a freshman in high school, a place where I never did feel I belonged. This poem was my realization of the complications of life, and how misplaced I felt, not only in high school but in the world. And then I started wondering if others felt the same way, not only immigrants but humanity as a whole. We are all individuals but we all want to belong somewhere. For that same reason, I now love diversity because being part of only one culture, group, or idea, would never work for me. Plus, I love food, and where there are different people there’s always good and different food. I am very thankful for being in a place where diversity is welcomed by many people. It is truly a blessing to live in a country where diversity thrives. Living here made this assertion possible: I belong in the world, and that’s good enough for me.

About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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3 Responses to Alien

  1. zq says:

    it sure seems that way hope this message finds you well with a great day ahead

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