The birth to life is the birth to death,
And on that basis we are all the same.
For we are all equal, but with a total different face,
And that is just the beginning of the endless pain
Of living in a world were contradiction rules.

To grow up is what people wish and want,
But midway there most people change their mind.
For as much faith they might have, they also know time.
It comes with wrinkles, aches, and less eyesight.
It really never ends, we die growing up.

So if we already know that love always comes with hate,
And happiness is known after all the sad days,
And since the inevitable cannot be stopped,
Why not enjoy this very instant in time,
And humbly, and simply, live before we die.

© 2012 Beatriz X


About B. Meza

Writing is liberating.
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2 Responses to Contradiction

  1. pixelvoyages says:

    food for thought this poem!

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