Lovers War

Laying there looking into her yes,

Her naked body on top of his.

Like an escaping rider in the night,

Fiercely she moved.

Small mountains in his mouth

Made him feel he could reach anything.

His fingers between her legs.

Mouths below the waist.

Bodies that clutch together,

Moans, a foggy window, body mist,

Kisses that lasted minutes.

Two tired lovers holding hands.

There is pleasure in war,

If there is love.


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New Beginnings

No one remembers their beginning.
We only have tales told by others.
No on can begin again,
Metamorphosis is for butterflies.
We build on a beginning
We cannot remember.
There are simply corrections,
Effort to erase what we don’t want.
There are no new beginnings,
Only a life filled with scars,
Hope, love, desire, memories,
and acquired demons.
There’s only one story,
The story is you.
With only one beginning,
With only one end,
The stories are good.

B. Meza 1/2/17

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A Losers War

Time wins time after time.

It takes no prisoners,

It kills all the soldiers in the war,

Me you and your children to come.

Time is intangible, but we see it pass by.

From our first breath we start the tally,

Happy birthday, minus day one.

Knowing I’m not invincible I continue to fight,

Because the little triumphs are worth losing the war.

Time takes no prisoners; all soldiers die at war,

But death is sweet when you learn to enjoy this life.

B. Meza 12/4/17

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Hiding Tears

In a world that tells you is best to be stoic,

You learned to cry in the shower.

In a world that deems tears as weakness,

You learned to cry while is dark.

In a world that says tears solve nothing,

You became the best actor at smiling.

In a world that does not favor crying,

I enjoy walking alone in the rain.

B. Meza ©11/15/17


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Dos Palabras

Solo necesito dos palabras,

para decirte te amo.

Solo necesito dos palabras,

Para decirte te odio.

Solo necesito dos palabras,

Para decirte te extraño.

Tú solo necesitaste una palabra,

Un simple adiós te basto.

Risas, caricias, dulzura

Eso es el amor.

Gritos, llantos, rabia,

Es eso el adiós.

Dos palabras significando mil.

B. Meza 10/21/17

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When I Think of Being Mortal

The questions never end, and the answers may or may not come.
Life has no chronological order, no right time, no musts.
We are vessels with no certain destination, except one.
We are not invincible, we are not special, we are just a specie;
We are specks in time, merely emotional mortals.
And sometimes we act more stupid than we care to admit.
We were not born to shine, we were born to live and then die.
This sounds gloomy, I must say, and you must think,
But if you standstill and think about it, it is not.
I don’t have to worry about meeting anyone standards.
And I can say fuck you to the standards society dictates.
I can do some of the things I love while I’m breathing.
I can do what is best for me, as long as I don’t purposely hurt others.
I can live life as it comes, while it comes, without thinking:
Damn, how exhausting it is to live forever

B. Meza 09/02/2017

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God and the Devil

And when you ask me, 
What do you believe in? 
I’ll answer, I believe in you. 
Because you are human, 
You have goodness and have hate. 
The human kills and hurts. 
The human cares and nurtures. 
The human can easily betray, 
But the human can be faithful. 
Hungry faces dirty clothes, 
I have seen kids begging for food. 
I have seen strangers help strangers, 
And I have seen family turn away. 
I have seen friends kissing the cheek 
Of the person they secretly hate. 
I have seen people help others 
With pure hearts and no need for recognition. 
I have seen God and the Devil. 
They both live on earth.

B. Meza (C) 8/4/17

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