A hug that Matters

Break my bones with your embrace.

Hold me as if this was the end.

Give me a bit of you through your hands.

On your shoulder let my head rest.

Without words tell me that you care.

Give me a hug with meaning;

Give me a hug that matters.

I don’t want just the motion,

Touch my soul with your hands.

B. Meza (c) 7/3/18

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El Silencio, El Ruido, Y La Soledad

El silencio y la soledad siempre habitan el mismo mundo,
Eso es lo que piensa la gente, y el silencio ríe por eso.
Quizás sea porque pocos tratan encontrarse en él.
La paz se encuentra en el silencio, y en la paz no hay soledad.

El ruido está lleno de rincones con almas vacías,
Gente que prefiere el silencio en compañía.
El ruido que vive de callar las palabras en la mente.
A la soledad no le importa el ruido o tu compañía.

La soledad es amante del ruido al igual que del silencio.
Ella no pide permiso se queda cuando le place.
La soledad tiene dos caras, esa es su única verdad,
Y puede traer demonios o una gran serenidad.

B. Meza (c)5/24/18

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The Last Dance

A field of dancing dandelion seeds

Twirling to the songs of birds.

Their rhythm command by the wind,

And their beauty radiates in the sun.

Dandelion seeds don’t care how they dance;

They’re too busy living one last time.

They will need to stop and affix to the ground,

But that’s not important while the song lasts.

Dandelion seeds being slowly blown away

Skipping to the beat of the last fall dance.

B. Meza ® 4/25/18

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When I Lay Down to Rest

My body, the structure that holds me.
My house, my temple, I didn’t choose it;
But it gives me shelter until my last breath.
I could not care less where it lays when I die,
Not because I don’t love it but because I do.
If I have kissed, hugged, smile, held a hand,
If I have been engulfed by love,
Where my body lays to rest doesn’t matter.
If I have felt the sunshine in my face,
If the rain has touched my skin,
If I have cried for happiness and sorrow,
Where my body lays to rest doesn’t matter.
If I have had days of plenitude,
When my body lays down to rest,
I would have lived all that I was to live.
My carcass will disintegrate,
And I will be forgotten sooner or later.
Where my body ends does not matter.
It only matters now while it holds me alive,
While I keep walking towards tomorrow,
Knowing that what matters is this very instant.

B. Meza 3/28/18

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Lovers War

Laying there looking into her yes,

Her naked body on top of his.

Like an escaping rider in the night,

Fiercely she moved.

Small mountains in his mouth

Made him feel he could reach anything.

His fingers between her legs.

Mouths below the waist.

Bodies that clutch together,

Moans, a foggy window, body mist,

Kisses that lasted minutes.

Two tired lovers holding hands.

There is pleasure in war,

If there is love.


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New Beginnings

No one remembers their beginning.
We only have tales told by others.
No on can begin again,
Metamorphosis is for butterflies.
We build on a beginning
We cannot remember.
There are simply corrections,
Effort to erase what we don’t want.
There are no new beginnings,
Only a life filled with scars,
Hope, love, desire, memories,
and acquired demons.
There’s only one story,
The story is you.
With only one beginning,
With only one end,
The stories are good.

B. Meza 1/2/17

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A Losers War

Time wins time after time.

It takes no prisoners,

It kills all the soldiers in the war,

Me you and your children to come.

Time is intangible, but we see it pass by.

From our first breath we start the tally,

Happy birthday, minus day one.

Knowing I’m not invincible I continue to fight,

Because the little triumphs are worth losing the war.

Time takes no prisoners; all soldiers die at war,

But death is sweet when you learn to enjoy this life.

B. Meza 12/4/17

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